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So, some of you were asking how do I download my CC and how did I manage not to download viruses on my computer. So, I made a tutorial for this since it is my birthday.

  1. Install an extension on your browser to skip or ads on the CC websites.
  2. I used the following skippers below:
    • AdGuard AdBlocker
    • Ads Link Skipper
    • AdFly Skipper
  3. Installed those extensions mentioned above on your browser. For you to do it, just go to and search for the extensions.
  4. Once it is installed, you are ready to download CC safely.
  5. Make sure also that you have read all the descriptions that the creator put on their website/blog in case if there’s a mesh needed.

Don’t click on any external links if you see ads on a page to avoid viruses install on your computer. Make sure you have a windows defender or any anti-virus software installed on your PC. And prepare your WinRar to unzip the sets of CC you’ve downloaded. Thank you and happy CC Shopping! 🙂